Our highly qualified team carefully source our collection of Jewellery & Silverware in a range of materials, stones, colours and diamonds. Whether you’re looking for a classic or a modern piece, we have a great selection of designs and materials to find the perfect match for you. We are also able to offer bespoke Engagement & Wedding rings that can be designed by yourself or one of our highly trained staff members.

 We are able to resize the majority of our Jewellery, so don’t worry if you have found the perfect piece that is not in your size.

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1.01ct Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring £8,725.00 1.27ct Natural Fancy Yellow Necklace £6,125.00 £4,287.00 11.58ct Amethyst & Diamond Ring £5,165.00 15ct Gold Chester Hallmark 1897 Brooch £200.00 18ct Aquamarine Bangle £1,500.00 18ct Diamond & Ruby Earrings £2,490.00 18ct Emerald & Diamond Ring Sold 18ct Gold & Diamond Half Eternity Ring £775.00 18ct Gold Diamond Engagement Ring £8,990.00 £6,293.00 18ct Gold Half Eternity Ring £1,250.00 18ct Gold Wedding Ring £732.00 18ct Pearl & Diamond Drop Earrings Sold 18ct Peridot & Diamond Necklace £517.00 18ct Rose Quartz Ring £1,710.00 18ct White Gold & Diamond Cross Sold 18ct White Gold & Diamond Necklace £1,930.00 18ct White Gold Diamond Ring £1,380.00 18ct White Gold Ring £1,305.00 1920’s 9ct Peridot Necklace Sold 1930’s Diamond Engagement Ring Sold 1950’s Mens Longines Watch £800.00 2.19ct Oval Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring £20,950.00 3.01ct Cushion Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring Sold 3.03ct Radiant Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring £45,000.00 39.41ct Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring £4,175.00 4.05ct Diamond Stud Earrings Sold 4.06ct Three Stone Diamond Ring £34,800.00 9ct Garnet Pearl Bracelet £700.00 9ct Gold & Turquoise Brooch C.1880 £270.00 9ct Gold Chester Pearl Ring £90.00 9ct Gold Earrings £95.00 9ct Gold Jaguar E type Key Ring Sold 9ct Gold Knot Earrings £108.00 9ct Gold Peridot Bracelet Sold 9ct Gold Peridot Dress Ring Sold 9ct Gold Tie Slide £192.00 9ct Gold Turquoise & Seed Pearl Necklace £300.00 9ct Hardstone Chester Ring Sold 9ct Peridot Dress Ring Sold 9ct Rose Gold Albert Bracelet £850.00 9ct Rose Gold Peridot Bracelet £928.00 9ct Rose Gold Peridot Necklace £367.00 9ct White Gold Knot Earrings Sold 9ct Yellow Gold Opal Ring Sold A Pair of Mother of Pearl Cufflinks £300.00 A Pair of Small Silver Dishes £140.00 A Platinum Diamond Half Eternity Ring £998.00 Alexandrite & Diamond Ring Sold Amethyst & Pearl Chester Ring Sold Amethyst Dress Ring £150.00 Amethyst Necklace £332.00 Antique Amethyst Necklace Sold Antique Celtic Penannular Brooch £750.00 Antique Citrine & Seed Pearl Necklace £1,200.00 Antique Cornelian Signet Ring Sold Antique Sapphire & Diamond Bangle Sold Antique Sapphire Necklace Sold Antique Silver Bangle £165.00 Antique Silver Ring Tree Sold Antique Silver Top Jar Sold Antique Turquoise & Seed Pearl Ring Sold Aquamarine & Diamond Cluster Ring Sold Aquamarine & Diamond Cluster Ring Sold Aquamarine & Diamond Ring £4,500.00 Art Deco Diamond Engagement Ring £385.00 Art Deco Sapphire & Diamond Ring Sold Art Nouveau Enamel Plique-à-jour & Diamond Necklace Sold B’ham 1905 Sapphire & Diamond Ring Sold Birmingham 1892 Ruby & Diamond Ring £550.00 Black Opal & Diamond Ring Sold Blue Diamond Halo Cluster Sold Brown Leather Zodiac Watch £500.00 C.1860 Antique Gold & Garnet Brooch £550.00 C.1910 Amethyst & Pearl Brooch £725.00 Carrs Business Card Holder £240.00 Carrs Silver & Enamel Cufflinks £75.00 Carrs Silver & Enamel Cufflinks £75.00 Carrs Silver Enamel Cufflinks £75.00 Carrs Silver Enamel Cufflinks £75.00 Carrs Sterling Silver Bookmark £92.00 Carrs Sterling Silver Photo Frame £95.00£100.00 Carrs Wine Bottle Coaster £173.00 Chester 1900 Pocket Watch £2,650.00 Chester 1912 Ruby & Diamond Ring £385.00 Chester 1913 Ruby & Diamond Ring Sold Chester Hallmark 1911 Diamond Brooch Sold Chrome Ladies Watch Sold Chrysoberyl & Pink Tourmaline Drop Earrings Sold Citrine 9ct Gold Earrings Sold Classic Oval Locket £85.00 Crossover Art Deco 1930’s Engagement Ring Sold Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring £6,250.00 Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring £15,500.00 Daisy Chain Diamond Ring £3,750.00 Deakin & Francis Golf Bag Cufflinks £228.00 Deakin & Francis Golf Ball Cufflinks £204.00 Deakin & Francis Green & Blue Oval Cufflinks Sold Deakin & Francis Polo Cufflinks £240.00 Deakin & Francis Rabbit Cufflinks Sold Deakin & Francis Round Ruby Silver Cufflinks £250.00 Deakin & Francis Union Jack Cufflinks £252.00 Deakin & Francis Caterpillar Cufflinks £240.00 Deakin & Francis Dumbbell Cufflinks £216.00 Diamond & Opal Necklace £1,189.00 Diamond & Pearl Drop Earrings Sold Diamond & Pearl Pendant £805.00 Diamond Bangle Sold Diamond Cluster Ring £5,500.00 Diamond Cocktail Ring £3,650.00 Diamond Comet Two Colour Brooch £1,450.00 Diamond Daisy Cluster Earrings £1,375.00 Diamond Daisy Cluster Ring £2,225.00 Diamond Drop Earrings Sold Diamond Drop Earrings Sold Diamond Engagement Ring Sold Diamond Halo Earrings £760.00 Diamond Horseshoe Necklace £600.00 Diamond Line Bracelet Sold Diamond Pendant Sold Diamond Princess Cut Ring £4,500.00 Diamond Set Rose Gold Bubble Ring £1,450.00 Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring £1,975.00 Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring Sold Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring Sold Diamond Solitaire Ring Sold Diamond Stud Earrings £12,250.00 £8,575.00 Diamond, Ruby & Seed Pearl Brooch £275.00 Edwardian Aquamarine & Seed Pearl Necklace Sold Edwardian Peridot & Seed Pearl Necklet £360.00 Edwardian Silver Evening Bag £325.00 Emerald & Diamond Pendant £1,466.00 Emerald & Diamond Ring Sold Emerald & Diamond Ring £1,810.00 Emerald & Opal Ring £2,750.00 Emerald and Diamond Cluster Necklace Sold Emerald and Diamond Three Stone Ring £1,635.00 English Pewter Company Hipflask £42.00 Fancy 9ct Gold Earrings £45.00 Flower Shaped Diamond Earrings £2,475.00 Flower Shaped Sapphire Ring £200.00 Garnet Cluster Ring Sold Gents 9ct Gold Omega Watch £1,000.00 Gents Palladium Wedding Ring £1,049.00 Gents Rose Gold Signet Ring Sold Georg Jensen Silver Necklace Sold Gold Mens Weddding Ring £125.00 Green Garnet Heart Pendant £735.00 Green Sapphire & Diamond Ring Sold Heart Shaped Padlock Necklace £342.00 Hummingbird Deakin & Francis Cufflinks £265.00 Imperial Russian Diamond Necklace Sold Jade 9ct Gold Necklace Sold Kays Silver Swiss Pocket Watch £400.00 Ladies TAG Watch Sold Late Victorian Agate & Diamond Brooch Sold Links of London Collar Sold M Harrisons & Sons Pocket Watch Sold Marquise Cut Diamond with Diamond Set Shoulders £9,255.00 £6,478.00 Masonic Pendant Sold Masonic Signet Ring Sold Moonstone Ring Sold Moonstone Stud Earrings Sold Morganite & Diamond Ring £1,200.00 Mother of Pearl Bracelet Sold Multi Gem Heart Necklace Sold Multi Gem Ring Sold Multi-Colour Pearl Necklace Sold Natural Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring £7,585.00 New Born Baby Bangle Sold Nickel Silver Pocket Watch Sold Old Mine Cut Diamond Drop Earrings Sold Old Mine Cut Diamond Necklace Sold Omega 1987 Mechanical Watch Sold Opal & Diamond Ring £1,668.00 Opal 9ct Gold Earrings £250.00 Palladium Wedding Ring £400.00 Pear Cut Diamond Ring Sold Pear Shaped Diamond Ring Sold Pearl & Diamond Drop Earrings £1,139.00 Pearl & Diamond Ring Sold Peridot & Citrine Ring Sold Peridot & Diamond Necklace Sold Peridot & Seed Pearl Brooch Sold Pink Tourmaline & Diamond Ring £1,125.00 Pink Tourmaline Cluster Ring £350.00 Pink Tourmaline Ring Sold Platinum & Diamond Half Eternity Ring Sold Platinum Diamond Ring £2,950.00 Platinum Diamond Set Band Sold Platinum Engagement Ring £1,956.00 Platinum Marquise Ring Sold Platinum Sapphire & Diamond Ring £2,100.00 Platinum Wedding Ring £770.00 Polished Wellendorff Bracelet Sold Red Spinel and Diamond Ring £1,970.00 Rhodolite Garnet Necklace Sold Rolex Pocket Watch Sold Rolex Watch Sold Rolled Gold Pocket Watch £250.00 Rose & White Gold Necklace £443.00 Rose Gold Diamond Half Eternity Ring Sold Rose Gold Iolite Ring £265.00 Rose Quartz & Diamond Ring Sold Rose Quartz Diamond Ring £1,845.00 Round Brilliant 3.00ct Single Stone Diamond Ring £57,750.00 Ruby & Diamond Cluster Pendant £2,090.00 Ruby & Diamond Bracelet Sold Ruby & Diamond Drop Earrings £2,995.00 Ruby & Diamond Eternity Ring £1,375.00 £962.00 Sapphire & Diamond Ring Sold Sapphire & Diamond 18ct Ring Sold Sapphire & Diamond Bubble Ring £1,200.00 Sapphire & Diamond Cluster Ring Sold Sapphire & Diamond Ring £2,725.00 Sapphire & Diamond Three Stone Ring Sold Sapphire & Pearl Chester Ring £200.00 Sapphire and Diamond Half Eternity Ring £400.00 Sapphire Pendant & Diamond Cluster £2,285.00 Silver & Citrine Scottish Napkin Ring £75.00 Silver Basket £250.00 Silver J.W Benson Pocket Watch £415.00 Silver Jewellery Box Sold Silver Perfume Bottle £180.00 Silver Snuff Box Sold Silver Sugar Shaker £200.00 Silver Tie Slide £30.00 Single Stone Diamond Ring Sold Small Silver Basket £150.00 Smokey Quartz Ring Sold Solid Polished Bangle Sold Spodumene & Diamond Ring £1,450.00 Tanzanite & Diamond Ring Sold Tanzanite and Diamond Three Stone Ring Sold Three Diamond Ring Sold Turquoise Rub-over Ring £250.00 Two Colour Diamond Collar £6,350.00 Two Stone Diamond Cross Over Ring £4,100.00 U-Shape Wedding Ring £938.00 Victorian Albert Fob Bracelet Sold Victorian Amethyst Necklace Sold Victorian Crescent Diamond Brooch £3,300.00 Victorian Diamond Star Brooch Sold Victorian Engraved Silver Tankard Sold Victorian Ruby & Diamond Bangle Sold Victorian Ruby & Diamond Ring £500.00 Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring £325.00 Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring Sold Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring Sold Vintage Engagement Ring £585.00 Vintage Tourmaline & Diamond Ring Sold Watermelon Tourmaline Ring £1,295.00 Yellow Diamond Cushion Cut Ring £3,625.00 £2,537.00 Yellow Pear Shaped Diamond Ring Sold Zircon & Diamond Ring Sold